The Debut Album from Wings of Apollo

Track Listing

1. Gladiator (3:55)
2. Can You Hear Me Now? (3:22)
3. Son of a Gun (3:39)
4. In the Morning (2:43)
5. Bourbon Street (3:47)
6. Forty Four (4:50)
7. Starside Love (3:33)
8. Hold On To Saturday (4:25)
9. Rock and Roll Blood (2:56)
10. Temple (9:18)

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About the Album

From Jesse Korby, Vocalist and Guitarist, Wings of Apollo

Before our band was ever formed, I was inspired by the idea of recording a double album in which the two discs would represent the duality of dark and light. One disc would be filled with bright heavenly music, while the other would embody darkness. This single idea ended up playing a large part in shaping my creative approach to music throughout the development of Wings of Apollo’s sound to this point. A funny thing happened along the way though. As we attained higher levels of musical ability, I realized that the songs we were gathering for our debut album fit perfectly within this dark/light paradigm. Subconsciously, I must have been writing songs to work with this idea because I was giving so much thought to it in my free time, which resulted in our first album actually taking on this theme of duality.

After having all of the music written, I noticed another important theme running through all of the songs and giving the flow of the entire album more continuity. In many Eastern philosophies, the heart plays such an important role in the understanding of our own existence both physically and spiritually. In these belief systems, it is through purifying the heart rather than acquiring intellectual knowledge that one actually achieves true wisdom. In the West, we tend to look at the heart as the place where emotions reside – most notably love. On our album, you will notice that the heart is presented with both of these viewpoints in tandem with the dark/light theme. For example, the opening track “Gladiator” begins with a riff emulating the sound of a beating heart. The darker song is paired with more of a physical perspective – much more in tune with a material experience of reality. This was actually the first riff I ever played when I picked up the guitar so many years ago, which is worth mentioning because it ended up communicating ‘being born’ in the context of the album. Likewise, the album ends with “Temple,” a colorful and bright song presented as a story about what many of us experience with love. For many, falling in love is a spiritual experience. Hence why this song takes on a more transcendental quality compared to the darker songs on the album, relishing in more of an anti-material understanding. These songs were deeply personal for me from a song-writer’s perspective, so with that said, the flow of the album will feel biographical to a certain extent. In spite of that, I encourage you to look for the broader meaning in each song that goes far past anything literally being said. Every note, every lyric, and every subtle nuance of the entire body of work is there for a reason.

We collectively made the decision as a band that this album would be self-titled so that we could accurately define from the beginning what Wings of Apollo means. Ultimately, we have always been most inspired by learning from the great musicians of the past with the intention of moving forward and blazing a trail with our own statements. On this album you can hear David’s beginnings as a naturally talented hard hitting drummer, but also his development into becoming more dynamic and unique. You can hear Pat’s initial love for 90’s grunge, and also his recent study of sophisticated R&B styles. My affinity for riff-based hard rock songs comes through alongside my exploration of orchestral and world music.

Because of this pure love of making music for the sake of music, it was very important to us that the end result not become reduced to a product. We wanted to release the album in a way that would allow the most people access to it, so we didn’t want money to be an obstacle for any of our fans. The best way to achieve this aim was to release our debut album for download from our own website with a name-your-price option. This way, anyone with even the slightest curiosity concerning our music would have a chance to experience it without any pressure. We plan to release our future albums in this same manner, and our hope is that this idea will catch on among other musicians because it would lead to more music being made for the right reasons. We view being able to play together as a great privilege, and we never wanted to lose sight of that in the face of material pursuits. Furthermore, it is a great honor to Pat, David, and myself that you have taken the time to enjoy this music that we put so much of ourselves into, and we hope that we will get the opportunity to see you out at a show when we play this music live.

Until then…Be you.

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